I slept with an intern, the douchy one, yeah, and then I slept with Tom Koracik. And I jumped my ex-husband in a closet, so you know, I was just, like, a total mess!

April [to Maggie]

We never needed the polymer.


Don't worry, they're with me.

Owen [After the police sirens are going off]

I realize that even when it felt like he wasn't there, you were. So thank you, thank you. I'm sorry.


He fakes the ultra-sounds.


I have breast cancer?


You are driving me to drink Richard Webber, and I'll be damned if I don't leave this world sober.


I was staying with Dr. Robbins but then she started sleeping with my sister, so I moved in with Dr. Hunt, then he started sleeping with my sister.


Amelia: What did we do to him?
Alex: C'mon, kid.

Please, do not apologize for taking care of the people you love.


Wait, where's Bello and Blandrew?


Yeah, that's not happening, sorry.

Amelia [after trying to talk to Teddy on the phone for Owen]