So what do you say, Magpie? You wanna save my life?


Seniors rocking with the poly. Like it!


Tom: My money's on throuple.
Teddy: Throuple?
Tom: Oh god, there's so much I have to teach you.

He's a good guy, but if he's ever not a good guy, I got your back.


Mrs.Dickinson: I'm a good mom, I don't know what you must think.
Amelia: I don't think anything.

Betty's parents are here, and they didn't know about Leo. I'm going to lose him, Teddy. I just know that I'm going to lose him.


Owen: You told them you were a drug addict? Why would you do that?
Amelia: I was trying to help.
Owen: Trying to help who?

Her name is Brittany, and she's never been much of a mother I think we both know that!


Miranda: I didn't even expect you to survive your intern year.
Alex: What?
Miranda: I'm saying I"m proud of you, Karev.

I am not leaving him here with another drug addict!

Mr. Dickinson

I have three kids, and I'm not getting on the back of a motorcycle, so I'm driving.


Excellent sharing, Maggie Pierce. Please try not to kill her, and if you do, make sure it isn't on purpose.