You know, you can have friends here if you wanted to.


You lost today. It's not your fault you lost. Every good surgeon does. It might be your worst, but it won't be your last.


Richard: Edwards, what happened?
Stephanie: He died.
Richard: Okay.
Stephanie: He was my patient, and he died. He was a little boy.

Arizona: What the hell is wrong with you? She asked you a question she needed an answer!
Eliza: I know.
Arizona: What kind of teacher are you? You don't just teach what to do with their hands, you teach them what to do with this. How to live through this. You take it on yourself.
Eliza: I know.
Arizona: You don't! You are the attending. This is your loss. Okay? You take the hit. Because if you put it on her, she might quit. She might think that she can't survive it, so you show her that she can. You tell her that when this happened to me--
Eliza: It hasn't.
Arizona: What?
Eliza: I've never had a child die.

Richard: You know I was always a fine surgeon. But I am an excellent teacher, and today I was complete failure. I know you thought this program had problems, but it sure as hell has them now.
Catherine: Richard--
Richard: Bailey was my favorite student. I brought her in as an intern. I saw her all the way through to chief. She was my start to finish. And you turned her against me.

What did I do? Did I..did I skip a step? Should I have done something differently? Did I kill that boy?


April: You can stop scrubbing, and you can go.
Maggie: You're going to need an extra set of hands.
April: Wilson has hands.

I'm nicer than Dr. Grey. Ask anyone in this hospital. There are comparisons that you can make between myself and Dr. Grey, but in the contest of niceness? I take that one. I win by a lot. I am the nicest.


This is my first time as primary on a surgery. It should have at least been fun, but you two were so busy arguing about how to teach or not teach, students, that you forgot that you had one in here. I'm sorry, no disrespect it's just...this is my first. I'm never gonna get another one.


Arizona: Who gave you permission to let a resident operate on a 9-year old?
Eliza: We're implementing phase two of my program.
Arizona: No, you're not implementing phases on a kid!
Stephanie: Look he's really big for his age.

Owen: How's Kepner doing?
Maggie: What do you mean how's Kepner doing? She's a turncoat.
Owen: But she's also a friend.
Arizona: Yes, she's a friend. She's a poor, misguided, very confused friend. It's like you found out that your friend voted wrong.
Owen: Can you vote wrong?
Riggs, Jackson, Arizona, and Maggie simultaneously: Yes. Absolutely. Yeah!

So Hunt, are you with us? Or are you too busy being Switzerland over there?


Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 13 Quotes

Richard: If you see a problem in our marriage, will I hear about it? Or will some consultant come and get me out of our bedroom.
Catherine: Stop. You know me better than that.
Richard: No, Catherine, I don't. I don't.

Kepner, you don't have to check in with me. I trust you. You do you. It's your department now.