Meredith: Wait, I've been looking for you all day!
Alex: I've been right here. Sleeping.
Meredith: All day?
Alex: All day.

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Meredith: Did Owen find Amelia?
Maggie: Amelia? Where's Amelia? Where is everybody?

I miss Alex, and I know that it's not fair to say to you, but it's true. I hate that he's gone.


I don't need you to make me feel better. I don't need your sympathy. Stuff like this happens and I am built for it. I am fine.


Miranda: They're just, ten minutes late.
Eliza: But all of them?

Owen: Is she okay? Is she sober? Just tell me that.
Stephanie: She's safe. You don't have to worry.

Arizona: I need to be two people. I need Alex.
Maggie: Well, Alex isn't here. Go!

Does anyone ever get taught around here?


Richard Webber is a friend of mine, so you can stay the hell away from my O.R.


Jo: You're the chief's husband and you don't know anything?
Ben: No.
Jo: What does that get you?

This isn't about Bailey. This is about correcting a mistake that threatens a hospital. This is not a Bailey problem. This is an Eliza Minnick problem.


April: What?
Jackson: It's Dr. Bailey. Who I respect, and like. Look, she is the first black woman chief we've had at this hospital. I'm not exactly excited to undermine her like this.
Richard: Jackson, no one wants this less than I do.

Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 11 Quotes

Ben: Wilson, I'm sorry.
Jo: What?
Ben: About Karev.
Jo: Why are you sorry? You didn't put him in prison. I did.

Maggie: So the trial has been cancelled.
Meredith: Which means Alex took a plea, which means Alex is in prison.