Tell me what you got out of my husband's care or I'm calling the police.


Right now, I'm feeling pretty disconnected from some people I'm close to.


I let you down when you introduced the Webber Method. I had concerns, but I decided to trust in it because it was you. And I know I should've been vocal about it. I should've said more.


Jo: Link, I, we shouldn't have sex.
Link: Oh, okay. Are you sure?
Jo: Yes.
Link: Okay.

You three are the closest things I have to, well, you know ...


Teddy, it's Owen. He's rash and stupid.


You publicly humiliated me in a hospital that I worked in for over 30 years!


Mer: And your plan was to leave without saying goodbye?
Hayes: Yeah.
Mer: Why?
Hayes: Because if I said goodbye to you, Grey, I would never leave.

You respect him. I love him.


You were right. This is fun!