I met the father of my daughter in Afghanistan after Allison died and he saved me from a grief so huge that I probably would’ve let it kill me. For years, I loved him so much I felt guilty for loving him half as much as I loved Allison, guilty because he was with someone else, and guilty because maybe I wasn’t capable of letting someone love me fully. And Allison did love me, yes. But she loved you too, Claire. Allison was in love with the both of us. At the time, I didn’t believe it. I thought no one could love more than one person at once. I thought love couldn’t be divided like that. But now I do, I believe it. And I’m sorry for the lies, the betrayal. I was a bad friend and I was selfish and I never, ever meant to hurt you.


Tonight, with my brilliant wife's help, I figured out how to cure cancer.


She was the love of my life, and you were the love of hers. Take care, Teddy.


Allison: I can't keep lying to her either. I love her, but I love you more.
Teddy: Don't say that. OK, say that again.

I can't keep lying and sneaking around from Claire, she's our best friend.


Abigail: It's OK for you to fall in love again. You have my permission.
Hayes: I don't want that.
Abigail: Which is why you need to hear me say that it's OK.

Abigail: It is likely that you're going to do this alone soon, so I need you to listen.
Hayes: No, I am not.
Abigail: Make sure the boys know it's okay to cry.

Winston: I can't say that I've done this.
Maggie: What's this?
Winston: Falling this hard in one night.
Maggie: Me neither.

I'm going to be a little forward, OK? I have had a crush on you since my first year of residency.


Teddy, hey. You always bump into people you know at these things, but never people you like.