We named our daughter after a lie!


Even superhumans need more than a minute to grieve the loss of the person who made them who they are.


Now there's a p;plague that is killing Black people at a rate that should make everyone outraged. If COVID were killing White people at the rate that it's killing Black people, you better believe that everyone would be wearing masks because it would be the damn law.


The real outrage is the monsters that got us here... the many reason that Black girls are more vulnerable in the first place and rarely seen as victims.


Sometimes when you think the storm has passed, you realize you were just in the eye of it.


Maggie: Are you real?
Winston: I told you the long-distance thing wasn't working for me.

Pretty soon we're going to start losing our own. Not to the disease but to the toll it's taking.


Maggie: If COVID was killing White people the way that it's killing Black people you better believe everyone would be wearing masks because it would be the law.
Amelia: You're right, Maggie. I don't know how you carry it all.
Maggie: By the skin of my teeth.

Hayes: You did this?
Jackson: Money did this. It's the only language this country understands.

Was the world always this messed up and we didn't have kids so we didn't pay attention?


Tom: I just want to see for myself that it's possible to beat this thing.
Mer: Almost beat it.
Tom: I really just wan to be in a room where someone isn't dying. Everyone's dying.