You are my home, and you are my heart. Alex Karev, will you marry me?


Alex: Where the freak is my ring?
Jo: Alex, I'm wearing it!

I have my polymer, and I have your science. The mini-livers will be known as the Cerone method.


I can't undo my mother's legacy, not when she isn't here to give her side of the story.


You're my dead guy? You're basically my dead guy? How is that romantic?


Amelia: I was up late all last night and most of today.
Alex: Doing what?
Amelia [Owen walks by]: Doing that.

You can't take her career advancements personally. She isn't abandoning you. She's not Izzie.


Tom: I don't think God left me, or I left God. I think we got in a fight. Your turn.
April: I thought you were here about sex.

God's off making deals with the devil while good people are eating crap sandwiches.


I'm happy that Paul's gone, and I'm happy you're free, I just didn't realize he was the only thing keeping you here!


I didn't mean it! I only broke up with him so he would take the heart and live!

Charlie's boyfriend

Tom: God's dead.
April: No, no he's not dead. I just hate him so much that I wish he was.