I gave this building everything, and it tried to eat me.


Alex: That can't happen. What happened today cannot happen.
Nico: I understand
Levi: I'm so sorry.
Alex: Oncall rooms. Storage closets, that weird little radiology room on four. Those rooms have locks. Understand?
Nico: Yes sir.
Levi: Completely.
Alex: Good. Think!

Jackson: Have you talked to Mom at all?
Richard: No, I haven't. Why?
Jackson: Can we find a place to talk?

Meredith: Deluca, when did you get so cocky.
DeLuca: When I realized you enjoyed this just as much as I do.

Betty: I screwed up. I screwed up.
Amelia: And I will help you, but I need you to help yourself, but you can't do that yet, so I have called you a rehab, and I have gotten you a bed there, and I can take you there now if you will let me. If you will try. Will you try?

Grey's Anatomy Season 15 Episode 9 Quotes

Jackson: Why did she tell you? Why did she tell you?
Maggie: She didn't. She doesn't want anyone to know yet. But I couldn't know this without telling you, especially you.

Teddy: It doesn't matter.
Owen: It doesn't matter?
Teddy: I just mean that no one is asking anything from you. No one is asking you to give up anything or anyone. It's just you needed to know.
Amelia: What?
Owen: Teddy's pregnant.
Amelia: It's yours?! OK!