Meredith: You know what, I'm good. I'm off the hook. I did what I was supposed to do. I offered. Mother Theresa would be proud.
Alex: You gotta go back in there.
Meredith: And do what? Cry and call him daddy?
Alex: He's the sick one okay. He's sick and you're not. You've gotta go back in there. Just say what you've gotta say, and make him take it.
Meredith: Alex, I tried.
Alex: Try again.

Thatcher: Meredith.
Meredith: We found a match.
Thatcher: What?
Meredith: We found a match, a donor liver. So, we're gonna schedule the surgery for tonight.
Thatcher: That's terrific. I... But I thought I wasn't eligible for the transplant list.
Meredith: It's not from the list, it's me. I got tested, and my cross match was negative, which means we're an ideal match. So, I'm gonna go get admitted, and we'll do this.
Thatcher: Ah, Mer... I'm a drunk Meredith. I did this. I put myself in this bed. I broke me. I can't... I won't let you put me back together. I put you through enough. It's a generous offer. I can't... I can't accept it.

Lexie: So, I'm gonna be fired. I've done a lot of really dumb things today. Including, pulling your medical files.
Meredith: Lexie.
Lexie: Just, listen. I didn't wanna do this. I didn't wanna have to come to you for anything. Ever. So I thought if I looked up your blood type, and it was the wrong one, then that would be it. Then I could just stop thinking about it. But I can't. Because you have his blood. And I know that he's not your dad. I know that he was never there for you. And, I would never ask you to give him anything. He doesn't deserve a thing from you. He doesn't. But he's... he's gonna die Meredith. And, so I'm asking you to give something to me. I'm asking ... I am asking you to give me my dad. Because, as crappy as he was to you, he was wonderful to me. He never missed a single dance recital. He was there at my fifth grade graduation. What is that? It's not even real. I know he's not your dad. I, I know that. But somehow, you have his blood, and I don't. So I'm asking you, give me my dad.

Meredith: Is this our optic glioma guy?
Derek: Mhm. Are you sure you're up for this? There'll be others, I promise.
Meredith: Yeah, you know, everyone is looking at me like I owe him something. But, he's still the bad guy here.
Derek: You don't owe him anything. (Kisses her)
Meredith: I...

Arizona: You know, I hate it when people who don't live here say that seattle weather sucks. Those people sucks.
Callie: Ooh! I wanted to show you something. I made a list.
Arizona: Hmmm? You made a list?
Callie: Yeah, to read to the Chief. 50 reason's why he should hire me as an attending. Ok. Number one, I built a man's bones out of titanium rods. Two, what I lack in experience, I make up for in raw talent. Three, I can go 7 hours in the OR without even taking a pee break. Four... what are you doing?
Arizona: I'm going back to the hospital.
Callie: Uh, this is important.
Arizona: I lost my favourite scrub nurse yesterday. Anne. She's a single mother, she's supporting 3 kids, and now she's out of a job. And this morning, a 10 month old hemorrhaged while I was deep in her chest, and I didn't have my favourite scrubs nurse. I had to actually look up and ask for a mesh wrap, because the new nurse didn't know me. Anne knew all my moves before I even made them. And it felt terrible to be in the OR without her. I was really looking forward to spending 30 minutes in the park with my girlfriend, cause this merger thing, is important to all of us.
Callie: Sorry, I've been just... Sorry.
Arizona: He'll say yes, or he'll say no. And then we'll know.
Callie: Ok.

Alex: How would you like it? This crawling all over you. Stupid squirrels having a party all night on your roof. I mean, what the hell are they doing up there anyway?
Cristina: Applying betadine to the area.
Alex: I don't know how to deal with this. I mean, I don't camp. My parents were lounge lizards. I was raised in a bar.
Cristina: Extracting the arachnid.
Alex: And there's no plumbing. I mean, the, the, the toilet. It empties into a bucket, underneath the trailer. A crap bucket! And Izzie's all... marriage is an adventure. Just the two of us, exploring the wild. I married freaking Lewis and Clark.
Cristina: I guess I'm done.
Alex: That's it. I mean, I'm tellin' her. We're moving back to Meredith's. I'm done.
Cristina: You can't do that.
Alex: Why not?
Cristina: Because, that's not how it works. I mean, she's just been through hell. She's not ok yet. Just give her one, Alex.
Alex: Since when did you become a marriage counselor?
Cristina: I guess when you save someone's life you kinda want it not to suck.

Lexie: He's still sleeping.
Bailey: Good, he needs his rest.
Lexie: Dr Bailey, I um. I was wondering if you could lie. If, if you could lie to the transplant board and tell them that he's been sober for a year. Um, they trust you. They'll listen to you. And, maybe then he could, he could get on the list.
Bailey: Dr Grey, I have 15 other patients all waiting for liver transplants. 15 people in an untenable situation. None of whom drank themselves into it. So no, I will not lie. Not for you, not for anyone. Do you have any other questions I can answer?

Izzie: Babe, you've got some dirt on your neck. Right there.
Meredith: That's not dirt. That's a tick. Ew.
Alex: Get it.. get it off me.
Cristina: Oh, is that a tick.
Izzie: It is a tick.
Meredith: It's a tick.
Izzie: Look at it, it's all swollen.
Alex: Get it off me now please.
Cristina: It's having lunch too.
Meredith: No!
Alex: Somebody take it off!

Izzie: Why are we eating lunch in a room full of diseased organs?
Meredith: We are hiding from Lexie and her big, sad, I love my daddy eyes. Because, I can't take it anymore.
Cristina: Oh, is little Grey not a match? (Mer shakes her head) Oh, Damn. There goes my transplant.
Alex: Nice try. It was my transplant.
Izzie: Are you gonna get tested Mer?
Meredith: No. I barely know the guy.
Cristina: You might as well just get tested.
Alex: You could regret it if you don't do it.
Cristina: He may be a drunk deadbeat, but he gave you the ultimate gift.
Alex: The gift of life.
Izzie: You guys are sick. You really are, you're sick. Don't listen to them, Mer. They just want a surgery.
Cristina: Mama needs to cut.

Meredith: Is he dead?
Lexie: No.
Meredith: Oh.
Bailey: We rushed Dr Grey's labs. She wasn't a match.
Meredith: Oh, ok. What about Holly?
Lexie: Ah, you... Molly. Our sister?
Meredith: Yeah.
Lexie She lives at an army base with her husband in Bahrain. Plus, she has a history of DBT so she can't be a donor.
Meredith: Oh.
Richard: Meredith, we didn't call you here to... We thought you should know before we go in and tell him. Just incase.
Meredith: Right. Right, no. Thank you for keeping me in the loop. Thank you. I have to um, go prep for my surgery now. Ok.

Meredith: Biology, it's crap. Utter crap. DNA, RNA. It doesn't make someone your family.
Cristina: It does actually.
Meredith: He needs a liver transplant. Lexie volunteered like she just got asked for a dollar bill. I left the room. He's not my father.
Cristina: Wait, your dad needs a transplant?
Meredith: Ooh! Maybe not, maybe he's dead this time.

Owen: Are you whoring yourself out for surgeries?
Cristina: Oh shut up. You forced me into it!

Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

We begin life with few obligations. We pledge allegiance to the flag. We swear to return our library books. But as we get older we take vows, make promises, get burden by commitments, to do no harm, to tell the truth and nothing but, to love, to cherish till death do us part. So we just keep running up the tap 'til we owe everything to everybody and suddenly ... what the.

Meredith (narrating)

The thing about being a surgeon, everybody wants a piece of you. We take one little oath, and suddenly we're drowning in obligations. To our patients, to our colleagues, to medicine itself. So we do what any sane person would do. We run like hell from our promises, hoping they'll be forgotten. But sooner or later, they always catch up. And sometimes you find the obligation you dread the most isn't worth running from at all.

Meredith (narrating)

Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 4 Music

  Song Artist
Song Trading Things In Voluntary Butler Scheme iTunes
Come on be good Come On Be Good Dragonette iTunes
Long time gone Long Time Gone Bachelorette iTunes