If Derek needed a kidney I wouldn't give him one. He'd take the credit. He'd say he magically grew it himself.


Meredith: Excuse me! What is going on?
Izzie: Trying to decide which of our interns to give to George.
Lexie: In front of us, they're deciding in front of us. Like livestock at a state fair.
Cristina: I think I'll keep Lexipedia. She remembers many things... and she bathes, which is much more than i can say for stinky 2 over there. You smell.

Derek: The Chief has me doing press all day with journalists. My face is starting to hurt from smiling.
Meredith: I already pushed that.
Derek: It comes faster when I push it.
Meredith: Oh, it must be that Shepherd method.
Derek: Funny.
Meredith: I think I'll take the stairs.
Derek: Meredith... Are you bothered by this?
Meredith: Why would I be bothered? You can't call it the Shepherd-Grey method, because then people would think you had help!

Erica: Is Yang on call tonight?
Callie: Um, yeah, why do you think it's so clean in here?
Calie: Can I just say, the whole taking it slow thing... best idea ever.
Erica: It really takes the pressure off.
Callie: Mmm... Yeah, we can just, you know, hang out without all of the...
Erica: The expectations.
Callie: Why rush things?
Erica: Exactly...
[Erica and Callie kiss]

[narrating] I am a rock. I am an island. That's the mantra of pretty much every surgeon I've ever met. We like to think we're independent, loners, mavericks. That all we need to do our jobs is an OR, a scalpel, and a willing body. But the truth is not even the best of us can do it alone. Surgery like life is a team sport. And eventually, you've got to get off the bench and decide... what team are you batting for?


Izzie: And I know you care about me too and it's not too late for us.
Alex: Get outta my room.
Izzie: Admit it. I know you care about me too I know you do. I care about you. I care about you. I care about you. I care about you. I care about you! I- [they kiss]

Izzie: I care about you, and I'm not gonna go crazy, and I'm not gonna try to kill myself and I'm not gonna stop caring about you no matter how hard you push me away.
Alex: Shut up and get outta my room.

Izzie: Maybe he just cares about his son but the moron is too emotionally stunted to let him.
Alex: See, this, this right here is your problem. You get all wrapped up and involved and you start caring about these people! Your patient in there? He's the moron. His son's never gonna give him what he wants and he's just gonna be disappointed! And the sooner he gets that the sooner you get it, and ...
Izzie: No, go on please. Be a selfish ass. Because then at least I know what to expect. This whole 'be a nice guy one minute and a total jerk the next' is getting really. Old. Alex. So who's it gonna be? Pick. One.

Callie: I do not quit. I do not fail. I like to be good at things, and I wanna be good... at this. So... I need you. I need you, to show me.
Mark: Show you?
Callie: Just because you don't publish a big clinical trial doesn't mean you're not a genius.
Mark: Take off your pants.

Callie: I know, you're over it and you don't want to talk about it anymore, but...
Mark: Oh for the love of God!

Callie: What if me and Erica, what if ... what if we're a mistake... Where are you going?
Mark: I can't talk about this.
Callie: Come on, you love talking about this stuff. Girl-on-girl! It's hot!
Mark: Two girls getting nasty and loving it? That's hot. One girl talking about how much it sucked? That's depressing. Wrong! Just wrong.

It was not good. At all. I choked. I couldn't go down there. I tried, but it just felt so weird and clinical like gynie rotation.


Grey's Anatomy Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

It's not just one surgery. It's 12, all at the same time.


All eyes... are on Seattle Grace.