Jackson: I'm worried about you.
April: You're Harriet's dad. You're not mine.

Ben: I never thought about what I would be giving up.
Miranda: Oh you thought about it plenty. You just didn't allow yourself to feel it.

Jo: Did something happen with Kimmy?
Alex: It's just some kids get under your skin.

Now, I'm doing a job where I'm the first one on the scene, and I do whatever it takes to save that life. And that's only a good thing.


Babysitters get paid $10 an hour, you want to get paid$10 an hour? I can arrange for that.


There is no easy happy ending here. She's got a few months to live if she's lucky.


Andy: What if I miss?
Meredith: I would prefer it if you didn't.

Owen: That was fast thinking back there.
Dahlia: Thank you, Dr. Hunt
Owen: I'm surprised you just took your hijab off like that.
Dahlia: Well, I mean, it's a symbol of my faith, but my faith is about service and compassion. He was bleeding really fast.

The longest surgery on record lasted for 4 days straight. A team of surgeons rotated in and out, holding scalpels for sometimes 18 hours at a stretch. Try holding anything in your hand for 18 hours. Now, imagine you're also holding a human life.

Meredith's Voiceover

It's not who April was when she was with you.


Tom: Your hair has grown back really nicely by the way. I meant to say that earlier.
Alex: Can you flirt later?
Tom: You're a terrible wingman, Alvin.

Warren, don't you have fires to put out, like literal fires?