Is this another coming back from the dead thing? Because I'm really not ready to host another Jack the Ripper party.


Hank: Was it Juliette?
Nick: Yeah, but it's complicated.
Hank: Coming back from the dead usually is.

Xavier: It's too late! They're crazy! They can't be stopped!
Hank: From what?
Xavier: From taking over! All Wesen must join! Anybody who doesn't agree with them will be killed. You don't understand, this is happening now! It's a revolution!

So... whoever took her body brought her back to life?!


Nick: I though Xavier was your friend!
Monroe: He was!
Renard: They got to him.
Wu: Well, now they're getting to *us*!

Nick: I know you're Wesen, and I know your friends are Wesen.
Billie: So I guess you're Wesen, too, right? You think that makes us family?
Hank: No.
Billie: Well, I don't either. You're a cop!
Hank: I'm a cop. [points a Nick] *He's* a Grimm.

Xavier: [about Nick] You guys really trust him that much?
Monroe: You think we'd be here if we didn't?

Adalind: We're not sleeping together, we're just sleeping next to each other.
Trubel: Uh-huh.

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Nurse Christy Kane: [defiantly] Occultatem Libera!
Meisner: You know, I'm getting a little sick of hearing that.

Are you kidding me? A twenty-foot-tall rat-zilla that can't be stopped? I mean, where's a thing like that gonna hide?


Hank: How do you want to deal with this?
Nick: Let's see if I can piss someone off.
Hank: Sounds like a plan!

[regarding Trubel] Someone's gone through a lot of trouble -- the other kind of trouble -- to make Lauren Cole seem real.


Grimm Quotes

Come on let's have a brew. And, by the way, you're paying for that window.


Why can't you look at her ass like the rest of us?