Hank: The last thing I ever want is to wind up in the ground! I get claustrophobia just thinking about it! Cremate me, spread my ashes over the Willamette River, and let me float free to the edges of wherever.
Wu: You know they have a lot of cows and horses that drink from the river.
Hank: So?
Wu: So what happens if some cow drinks from the Willamette and gets you, too? And craps you out in a field? And then some farmer comes along and tills that field? Next thing you know, you’re buried beneath the cold, dark ground.
Hank: Don’t mess with a man’s afterlife.

Dr. Levy: Sometimes science requires you to ask forgiveness rather than permission.
Hank: Not quite how the law works.

Love looks not with the eye but with the heart. Therefore is lost Cupid’s mighty dart.


Rosalee [has a surprise]: Keep your eyes closed…
Monroe: Oooh, you sure we’re in the right room for this?
Rosalee: Slow down, that comes later, bub!

Eve: How about the first kiss?
Rosalee: That was… that was nice.
Nick: Nice? No, that was *epic*. I would know, because I was there!

Diana: Who are you?
Grossante: I’m the man your daddy stabbed in the back.
Diana: No… that was Mr. Bonaparte.

Rosalee: Hank! Thank God! I need your help, something terrible is happening!
Hank: Don’t I know it! I have been interrupted in a beautiful place on a beautiful day from the one true love of my life! Do you hear me?! [sees his reflection in a mirror] You! Baby!

Eve: Did you see that?!
Nick: Swirling blue tornado, a skull-like dude with green eyes staring right at us?! Yes, I saw that!
Eve: You’ve never seen anything like that in your mirror before?!

Diana: How many chocolate chip cookies do you want for breakfast, Dad?
Renard: [grimaces]
Adalind: How fun.
Renard: Ah, honey? How about pancakes instead?
Diana: It’s okay. I’m making both!

Grossante [to Renard on the phone]: Please, for God’s sake, you gotta hurry!
Renard: Yeah, listen, I just got a couple of things to take care of first, but I’ll be there as soon as I can.
Grossante: No! No! No, listen to me! For God’s sake, you gotta get here! She’s gonna kill me!
Diana [singsong]: I found you! That’s not a very good hiding place.
Grossante: No… oh, no… please, oh God… plea-- aaaaah!
Renard: [hangs up]

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Eve: Do you think the Seven Grimm Crusaders knew what they had?
Nick: It’s probably why they buried it.

Hank: Someone woke up in a bad mood, smashed a guy’s head into the pavement.
Nick: You’re happy about this?
Hank: No! But I’ll take a cold-blooded murder over an unsolvable ancient riddle about the universe *any* day. The only Big Bang Theory I wanna deal with is one from a gun.

Grimm Quotes

Come on let's have a brew. And, by the way, you're paying for that window.


Why can't you look at her ass like the rest of us?