I care about all my friends, even the ones you dislike.


Adalind: Did it ever occur to you that this is exactly what it looks like?
Nick: No. Never. You're a liar.

Wu, you just ate your chapstick.


Hey, look at that multiple uses.


Monroe: Was that supposed to happen?
Rosalee: I hope so.

Rosalee: He didn't have sex with her.
Monroe: Oh man that always complicates things.

Adalind, I think it's time to settle our differences, violently.


Juliette: This is where we're staying?
Nick: No.
Juliette: Good, then why are we here?
Nick: Oh, this is where I stop to ask where we're staying.

Hey Nick, I thought a vacation for you meant a vacation for me.


Nick: That's weird.
Juliette: Glad you said it first.

His whole face looks like a volcano that's about to explode.


What up bro.


Grimm Season 1 Quotes

Come on let's have a brew. And, by the way, you're paying for that window.


Why can't you look at her ass like the rest of us?