You may be in the best condition to help this kid, assuming you want to.

You can't un-sleep with somebody, trust me, I've tried.

This job really, really sucks, and I wish I had never left the prosecutor's office.


We are becoming less and less inclusive every day Tommy, and that not what America is supposed to be.

Tommy: What happened?
Harry: Oliver got his butt kicked by Doogie Howser.

Judge: You seem to be taking this a little to heart.
Harry: You know your honor, I am. The constitution... stop me if you read it.. is about personal freedoms.

Mayor Chickory: Of course the Indians were not nearly the threat of say a foreign made automobile.
Harry: Uh.... You mind connecting the dots for me.

Harry: How many trials have you had son?
Connor: Near enough to close to zero..... zero. I just passed the bar in July.

Try to get this. I'm white, I'm rich, I'm a Republican which makes it legal for me to mistake you or a quail.

Harry: Ok, we clear... any problems, any emergency at all..
Tommy, Cassie, Adam:[together] Nobody Call

Those cases you get that truly touch you, keep them close to you, close to your heart. You will be a better lawyer for them.

Harry: Did you really take this case just because I was on it?
Roseanna: Are you really that narcissistic?

Harry's Law Season 2 Quotes

I recruited Harry, so I can package my unlikable client with an old lady who could sell ice to Eskimos


What did we say about wet dreams in the common areas? Beat it! [sigh] Probably not the best choice of words.