Tani: I think you did the right thing.
Junior: I hope my dad thinks so.

Aaron: I thought we made some progress.
Jerry: I'm not hitting you. That's progress.

McGarrett: My plan worked.
Tani: Yeah, like a charm.

Adam: He's good at what he does.
McGarrett: But the face, the face is so punchable.

Jerry: It's got a palm scanner.
Aaron: It looks like you could use a hand. C'mon, that was solid.

Aaron: You come to lay me out again, slugger?
Jerry: Sadly, no. I'm here because we have to work together.

Percy: What makes you think I'd want you as a partner?
Grover: You just pitched me this scheme.

McGarrett: Their job is killing Aaron Wright. That's why we're going to let them take a shot.
Aaron: What? Wait!
Adam: It sounds like you're bait.

There's that famous Five-0 hospitality.


Tani: If cyber-code gets in the wrong hands ...
Aaron: It could leave for war.

This is not about my safety. It's about national security. And it's about the safety of everyone on this island.

Aaron [to Tani]

Of course they did. My booty boost routine is off the chain.