All right, teachers' pets. No one likes a teacher's pet.

Danny [to Kono and Chin]

When you over-pack, you kill the vibe of the vacay from the very beginning.

Grover [to WIll]

So hand-to-hand combat, parkour, jumping out of airplanes, that's out, right?

Danny [to McGarrett's doctor]

The lying, cheating husband and the scheming, cheating wife. How could this relationship not work out?


I think you guys just have a phobia of hospitals.


Three ex-wives, you said. Makes sense.

Danny [to Harry]

Danny: I only have the one face.
Harry: Makes sense to me. If he had his choice of face, why would be choose that one?

Harry: You on medication, Jerry?
Jerry: Yeah, why?
Harry: No reason.

[Police work] is a hard job to do, and a harder job to let go.

Harry [to Danny]

Noelani: I deal with dead bodies.
Harry: You take much longer, you may have another one on your hands.

I'm riding this wave all the way to the beach, and by beach, I mean cemetery.

Grover [to McGarrett]

Kono: You know, your friend Jack, he's a lot like you.
McGarrett: I don't know if that's a compliment.

Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Eric: I'll wait out here.
Danny Williams: It's college, it's not a virus--you can't catch it.

Have you seen shark week? I don't want to be on shark week.