Jerry: The part where you and Sabrina met. It's right out of a rom-com.
Max: Yes. I believe they call it a meet-cute.

Hirsch: Stealthy has a couple of outstanding warrants on his head. He might not be too happy to see you.
Kono: You waited 'til now to mention this?
Hirsch: Sorry. Small oversight.

McGarrett: You know, Max, I hear your dollar goes a long way in Africa. C'mon, Max. It wasn't too hard to piece together. And it wasn't just you hiring a new M.E. or listing your apartment. When the minute you got back, I figured we'd be having this conversation. Because you'd changed. It was clear that experience had really affected you.
Max: Hawaii's the only home I've ever known. Leaving is a monumental decision. I just thought you'd be disappointed in me.
McGarrett: You're a man who is driven by the desire to help other people. That's the most important thing in the world. I'm proud of you, so proud of you.

Listen, man. When you and Kono first got together, I was hard on you. I always do what I can to protect my family, you know. But time and again, I've watched you put her first. And when you came down to Mexico and put yourself on the line for me, it meant a lot.

Chin [to Adam]

Kamekona: This thing got seat warmers?
Burnett: We don't order any with that feature. It's hardly necessary in a warm climate like Hawaii.
Kamekona: Dude, when you're on a long haul, your butt falls asleep. You need your posterior stimulated.

Grover: What's up is I just found the smoking gun.
McGarrett: Interesting choice of words, considering the victim had his head bashed in.

Grover: You're talking about car salesmen here.
McGarrett: So what?
Grover: They are masters of psychological warfare, coupled with the fact that they are all born liars. Have you ever bought a car before?

Jerry: Oh, no!
McGarrett: Oh, no, what?
Jerry: I did it again. I was sleep eating. That explains that dream.

Chin: When I said goodbye to Sarah, I promised I'd see her again. Thanks for helping me keep that promise.
McGarrett: You're welcome.

Chin: It's funny. You're doing all this for your brother's honor and he had none.
Carlos: You didn't know my brother.
Chin: I know he tried to sell you out. He was going to give up Frontera, knowing that the DEA would use him to bring down your whole organization. He betrayed you, Carlos.

One word for you - Union.

Grover [to Flippa]
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Ramirez: You realize that, had my son not been here, you would already be dead.
McGarrett: In that case, I'm very glad your son is here, sir..

Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Fortunately, I'm used to being judged from the passenger seat of this vehicle, so that's fine.

McGarrett [to DMV tester]

These psychos had a thing for making their own horror movies every Halloween.