I was 15 years old once. So that automatically makes me suspicious of your every thought, not to mention the thoughts that you have when you're asleep. Unfortunately, now I have to watch you like a hawk.

Danny [to Will]

Every time I tuck her in, I think it might be the last.


Catherine: I don't even know what country the site is in.
McGarrett: Morocco.
Catherine: I'm sorry?
McGarrett: It's in Morocco.
Catherine: How would you know that?
McGarrett: Because I've been there.

Steve, I know you. If you don't help her now, you will regret it.


My boyfriend's ex who he was going to propose to shows up in the middle of our date, and now he's upstairs packing for a trip with her. Yeah, out of context, that is a little weird.


I wanted to tell you. I did. You're the last person I ever wanted to lie to, Steve.


Doris wasn't thinking clearly. This decision she made was an emotional one.


Sara's going to be gone by the time we get back. It's just as well. It would be too hard to handle watching her leave.


McGarrett: I got no zip ties.
Doris: Seriously, you didn't bring restraints? And you've been on how many ops now?
McGarrett: You know, Mom, I thought I was coming to get you then getting out. I didn't think I was going to be tying up bad guys.
Doris: Who raised you?

Being a spy wasn't the only thing you were good at, Mom.

McGarrett [to Doris]

Max: Everybody on the island knows of the well-documented paranormal incident.
McGarrett: Everybody except for Detective Williams.

Whatever it is that she saw, it literally scared her to death.


Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Danny: Tell me this, was there an operation "Abby Road"? Are you the Walrus? [looks at Joe] time to shutup?
Joe: Roger that.

Kono: You ever wish you chose another line of work?
Chin: Everyday... Never.