Lynn: Are you asking me on a second date?
Steve: We'll go for coffee, how about that.

Steve: Is he the type to exaggerate a story.
Lynn: Oh I don't know, he did say he caught a thousand pound yellow fin tuna once.

First of all, I'm not cutting off none of my digits for some weekend booty.


I’m going to take that plastic sword and turn you into a Roman popsicle, OK.


You lied to your mother, who is in fact a liar herself.


Chin: What kind of thieves takes blood? Jerry: Vampires.

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It’s filthy, good grief; he must have killed the maid too.


There is a direct correlation with how far you walk to a crime scene, and how bad that crime scene is going to be.


You want to stay alive, give us the name. Great quote by Grover.

Steve: Sometimes when you speak, when your mouth opens and you speak, all I hear is "wa-wa-wa-wa." It's like I'm in a Charlie Brown cartoon only you're Linus, with better hair.
Danny: Why do I got to be Linus?

Besides, where else can a girl get a different flavor of Jell-O every night with her dinner?


Adam: This is one hell of a honeymoon, huh?
Kono: We have the rest of our lives for a honeymoon.

Hawaii Five-0 Quotes

Max: I know it's not as elaborate as we had planned.
Sabrina: Max come here.
Max: [leans down]
Sabrina: [whispers] Its perfect [kisses his cheek]

Danno: I don't even want to know what you would do.
McGgarrett: I would be by the book.
Danno: The book?
McGarrett: I would be by the book.
Danno: The book? What book would that be? I ask... Patriot Act for Dummies... War & Peace minus the peace part.