Danny: How close were you to that airstrike in Somalia?
McGarrett: Nigeria.

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The three of us are like a hive mind.

Kamekona [to Danny]

Well, that's not scary at all.

Danny [looking at Russian sub]

Danny: He wanted me to name the restaurant Steve's. Now I'll do it in his memory.
Grover: That's what I like about you, Danny. Always thinking positive.

I'm going to grab some clean underwear and meet you at the bunkers, OK?

Tani [to Junor]

Danny: You never apologize that quickly, or ever. Thank you.
McGarrett: Yeah.

OK, Scooter, see if you can dig up something.

Grover [to Jerry]

Junior: I study people's body language.
Tani: Other people's bodies or just mine?
Junior: Um, um [phone rings].
Grover: Saved by the bell.

Grover: It looks like Lee and Nancy were a real-life Boris and Natasha.
Tani: I don't get the reference.
Grover: Rocky and Bullwinkle.
Junior [miming punches]: Rocky, like the boxer?
McGarrett: Can we get back on point?

Steve? You good?

Danny [to McGarrett]

Goodbye, buddy. Good work today.

Noelani [to Eddie]

McGarrett: You took a pretty big risk doing what you did.
Junior: If I got kicked out of the Reserves, I like to think I have a pretty cool job to fall back. on.

Hawaii Five-0 Season 8 Quotes

McGarrett: Steve's is your dream. It's not Steve's.
Danny: You don't think it'd be fun?

They were right to kick me out. I shouldn't be a cop.

Tani [to McGarrett and Danny]