What do you want -- 50 shades of Kauai?

Danny [to McGarrett]

Danny: If you're very, very helpful, I might have to get you a sandwich.
Aaron: I might have to take you up on that

Danny: This is not good.
Grover: I think that's the understatement of the year.

Aaron: Do me a favor.
Buyer: What's that?
Aaron: Let me get off this rock before you launch World War III.

We got this. Go find Pops.

McGarrett [to Junior]

McGarrett: It's hard to imagine the damage those weapons can do.
Jerry: No pressure.

Hating someone is easy. It's a lot harder to forgive.

Tani [to Junior]

I finally accepted that that chapter of my life is over, and I'm ready for what's next.

Adam [to Tamiko]

If those taste as good as they smell, you might have a hard time getting rid of me.

Adam [to Tamiko]

Frank: To Joe.
McGarrett: To Joe.

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Danny: Who is it? It's none of your business.
McGarrett: Tell Rachel I said hey.

Tani: I think you did the right thing.
Junior: I hope my dad thinks so.