Julia: Listen Alan, Ilaria's planning to release a new version of Narvik worldwide.
Alan: When?
Julia: Two days, unless I can give them a viable alternative.
Alan: To genocide?
Julia: The infertility compound in Michael's apple it's the only option they'll consider.
Alan: That's the plan? Slow death of the human race, as opposed to all at once.

Julia: We know the immortality gene is the same in all of us. So why did the CSF transfer work from me to you and not you to Landry?
Sarah: I thought my spinal fluid was different from yours but they're identical.
Julia: What if it wasn't the difference in the cells themselves, but the timing of the transfer?

Julia: I've only got 72 hours until Ilaria releases the new Narvik C.
Sarah: What could Ilaria possibly have to gain?
Julia: They're not looking to profit in the short term. It's about restoring balance for the future.

Last thing the world needs is a forever Amy.


Peter: I came here to lead an investigation and now I'm persona non grata on my own team.
Anne: Change is inevitable. What I don't understand is why you allow Dr. Walker to speak to you that way.
Peter: We all say things we don't mean.
Anne: We always say what we mean at the time we say it.

Alan: Look, Dr. Kyle's not feeling very well right now.
Soren: Is he alright?
Alan: We're just being extra careful. I want you to stay away from him until we can get him some of that red sap.
Soren: But why not just bring him to the Bleeding Tree?

Kyle: What you got there?
Soren: It's from the Bleeding Tree.
Kyle: The Bleeding Tree?
Soren: Yeah, we eat it so we don't get more sick.

Alan: Ilaria have come up with a new pathogen. I'm not sure why but I...
Doreen: Aw horseshit, you and I both know that ain't the real reason you're out here.
Alan: Of course it is.
Doreen: Humor me. First you were trying to save Julia. Then, you were hunting a bunch of immortals in Paris. And now you're trying to find a cure for this pathogen. Seems to me like you're a man in search of a mission.
Alan: I know why I'm here Doreen.
Doreen: Oh I don't think you do. And you need to wake up. Wake up Alan!

Amy: I don't know that I'd let anyone do this to me without anesthesia.
Sarah: I can't tell you what to do if I'm taking a nap.

Kyle: I've seen this before, when we first arrived.
Winger: Any idea what it means?
Alan: A trail marker maybe?
Kyle: Yeah, it's a trail marker.
Alan: You have a better theory?
Kyle: Yeah there are crazies out here saying go back wherever the hell you came from.

Amy: Lies and more lies. Michael who called himself our brother fell prey to the evil words of the outsiders and now my mother is following his path.
Anne: How dare you speak to me that way?
Amy: I will speak to you in any way I like. We are no longer afraid of you and Michael.

Peter: Sarah if you leave this room you are finished with my team. Do you understand?
Sarah: It was never your team Peter, you were just keeping Alan's chair warm.

Helix Quotes

Major Sergio Balleseros: There are people in the Army, myself included, who are wondering if this outbreak was an accident.
Dr. Doreen Boyle: You think Hatake did this on purpose? Why would he do that?

Dr. Alan Farragut: This secure lab allows us to separate vectors from those who are just infected.
Daniel Aerov: Vectors?
Dr. Alan Farragut: It's what we're calling the infected who are physically attacking others to spread the disease, like Peter.

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