Brother Michael: And do you think you've beaten me? You've imprisoned the king; congratulations. That would make you the queen of nothing.
Amy: This coming from a man who just killed his children.
Brother Michael: Yes yes, I've killed a thousand of my children. And I will create a thousand more and kill them all over again. Children are simply wisps of dandelions.
Amy: Such bravado, for a man who stayed hidden on an island his entire life.

Amy: I'm going to enjoy not having to hear you chirping in my ear every day.
Brother Michael: You say that, but what are you going to do? What are you going to do girl? You want to kill me? I've lived five hundred years. Death waits for me, no matter what you do I will live forever.
Amy: Good, I'm counting on it.

Brother Michael: What do you think you're doing?
Amy: I'm creating a monument to you; a shrine.
Brother Michael: You think this is going to scare me? But you can't do this to me, I'm your father.
Amy: And I'm a dandelion with teeth.
Brother Michael: You can't do this to me. I will have centuries and you have mere seconds. You will become dust and the dust will settle upon this island. And when I'm free, I will walk upon that dust. No matter what you do, you will wither away and die. I will live forever and you will die.

Kyle: Come on, things are intense enough without you screwing with my head.
Sarah: Look Kyle, we really need to talk.
Kyle: About what? A five hundred year old man?

Brother Michael: The thinning is completed. It was a terrible day, but a necessary one. The children are always the most difficult; tiny hands. A pity they couldn't be spared.
Amy: I'm sorry you had to go through it alone.
Brother Michael: That's not what you were saying yesterday.
Amy: I've had time to think.

Of all my daughters, you've always been my favorite.

Brother Michael

Anne: I know you mock us, but this fellowship has thrived for nearly four hundred years. Michael knows what he's doing, I'm the one who's failed.
Peter: You gave your life to him, look what he's done to you.
Anne: If this is my final journey, I have no one to blame but myself.
Peter: Everyone you have ever known is in grave danger; not to mention my team. Someone needs to talk to Michael, make him see reason.
Anne: Why would he listen to me?
Peter: Because you're the sensible one.

Alan: Sarah, you okay?
Sarah: Yeah what did you give him?
Alan: Nothing I didn't have a chance to inject him. Rapid fungal overgrowth, must be the final stage of the disease.
Sarah: And only thirty six hours after the memorial. It kills faster than we thought.

I came to this island for a reason and I believe it's buried in this abbey.


Julia: With that technology Ilaria could control the spread of the mortal population.
Ms. Durant: Without resorting to genocide; yes. It would solve their human problem once and for all.
Julia: Where do I find this Michael?
Ms. Durant: On an island, on the far end of the new world.
Julia: Then that's where I need to go.

The moment I was born without the eyes, I've been good for only one thing; to bear him another daughter. And he'll keep doing it to every one of his daughters. Do you know why? Because every time he does, the mortal part gets weaker and the immortal part gets stronger. That's why it has to be his daughters. He thinks one day he'll have a child like himself.

Sister Amy

Olivia: No one was sick until they got here. And now Soren's gone, they killed my son. Who's going to be punished for that?
Sister Amy: I don't know. I just wish someone would make them go away.

Helix Quotes

Major Sergio Balleseros: There are people in the Army, myself included, who are wondering if this outbreak was an accident.
Dr. Doreen Boyle: You think Hatake did this on purpose? Why would he do that?

Dr. Alan Farragut: This secure lab allows us to separate vectors from those who are just infected.
Daniel Aerov: Vectors?
Dr. Alan Farragut: It's what we're calling the infected who are physically attacking others to spread the disease, like Peter.

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