I've been waiting for you.


This time, you save the cheerleader. I'll stop the bomb.


Don't worry. When I see Claire, I'll tell her you've been detained.


Whoa, like Harry Potter.


Dennis: I hear you guys arguing.
Joanna: We're not having an argument honey. We're just having an indifference.
Dennis: Same difference.

These people have real powers and they're standing right in front of us.


Claire? Wait. Who is this?


Erica: It's almost time, Phoebe.
Phoebe: I've never made this much darkness before.
Erica: Well it's got to cover the whole summit.

Hi honey, this is your lovely husband. You know, the one you almost shot in the face. I guess there are some things that even couples therapy can't solve.


Tommy: If I could trade my power for having a big zit on my forehead, I would.
Emily: Okay, there is nothing worse than having zits and braces.

Noah: Take it off him
Quentin: Are you sure about that?
Noah: If he leads us into a trap, I'm gonna blow his head off. No clones when that happens.

With a power like his, I'm gonna need your help restraining him.


Heroes Reborn Quotes

Quentin: You're Noah Bennett, right?
Noah: Who do you work for?
Quentin: Ranatus.
Noah: Ranatus?
Quentin: I worked at Ranatus, but not for Ranatus and I know that you work for prima tech.

Tommy: I can't believe you made it out alive. So what happened in there? The place burnt down.
Luke: What do you think happened?
Tommy: I don't think we should talk about it in public.