Adam Monroe: This bar is the go-to destination of specials for hire.
Hiro: Just like the cantina!

Claire: Mom.
Sandra: Claire! Thank god. I was so worried. Are you okay? Because if you are, you are so grounded.

Knox: You're the one with the powers?
Hiro: Yes. I control time and space.
Knox: Cool.

Hiro: (in Japanese) He said look tough. Not like Mr. Roboto.
Ando: (in Japanese) This is my tough guy walk.

Hiro: We are bad asses now!
Ando: Yes! Very bad ass!

We are bad asses now!


We were trying to be better than God.


What have you done? You're a monster.

Maya [to Mohinder]

I haven't had a drink in months, and they make a mean appletini.

Adam Monroe

I wouldn't send anyone to Level 5 that doesn't belong there.


Sylar: You okay?
Claire: Peachy.

Tracy: You think God gave us these powers?
Nathan: If He didn't, who did?
Tracy: A doctir... in California.

Heroes Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

God resides within. The answers will come.


Does God know what I am? Do I? Am I an angel or a monster?