You cannot bribe a Hero. My heart is true. My spirit unbreakable.


I am very special, I offer myself in trade! Release unspecial Ando!


[Opening voiceover] When we embrace what lies within, our potential knows no limit. The future is filled with promise. The present, rife with expectation. But when we deny our instinct, and struggle against our deepest urges... Uncertainty begins. Where does this path lead? When will the changes end? Is this transformation a gift... or a curse? And for those that fear what lies ahead... The most important question of all... Can we ever change what we really are?


Ando: You came back for me.
Hiro: This is how we roll.

You know how you and Mom have a secret? I have a secret too.


Peter: I can handle it.
Claude: Yeah, thats what they all say.
Peter: They? How many people have you taught, before me?
Claude: Come on, mate; I'll steal us a cab.

(subtitled) GULP!


Ando: And why is everyone always chasing us?
Hiro: Because I'm special.
Ando: Well, I'm not special
Ando: And I'm tired of getting chased.

Claire: Do you know who my real parents are?
Haitian: Of your father, I know nothing.
Claire: And my mother?
Haitian: Only that she died in an explosion, here in Texas, 14 years ago.
Claire: My mother died. Are you sure?
Haitian: Your father told me many years ago. He had no reason to lie. This is the last conversation we have about this. Now, you need to go back home and forget about your real parents.

When we embrace what lies within, our potential has no limit. The future is filled with promise; the present rife with expectation. When we deny our instinct, and struggle against our deepest urges, uncertainty begins. Where does this path lead? When will the changes end? Is this transformation a gift or a curse? For those who fear what lies ahead, the most important question of all - can we ever really change what we are?


Peter: You?
Claude: You can see me.
Peter: You-- (Claude grabs Peter by the neck)
Claude: Nobody can see me! I'm invisible! Who are you!? How can you see me!?
Peter: (Choked) I don't know. I just do what you can do.
(Claude lets him down)
Claude: Fantastic. One of those.
Peter: One of those. What do you mean? You know someone else like me!? Hey, wait. Where are you going? You need to explain this! I saw you. I saw you in my dream. Who are you?
Claude: I'm no one. I'm the invisible man. I'm Claude Rains. Now get away from me! Forget you ever saw me!
Peter: Yeah, but, you know! What's happening to me? What is this? I found you. I need you to help me.
Claude: Why would I wanna do that?
Peter: Because, we're in danger. This entire city is in danger. It was in my dream. People die. We die. I don't know when, but it happens.
Claude: Then you better leave town.
Peter: Hey, where are you going!? You can't hide from me!
Claude: I'm the invisible man; I can walk 'round the corner and disappear forever.
Peter: Yeah, but I can see you. I'm gonna follow you.
Claude: Smarter men than you have tried and have paid for it. You stay away from me. And don't follow me!

Zack: There was a fire 14 years ago in Kermit Texas. Kermit why does that name sound so familar?
Claire: Cause of the frog.

Heroes Season 1 Episode 13 Quotes

Invisible Man: I told you not to follow me.
Peter: I need help. You live up here?
Invisible Man: You're not a fast learner, eh, mate?
Peter: I took care of a man who owned this building. His name was Charles Deveaux.
Invisible Man: Never heard of him.
Peter: You don't think that's strange? I worked here. The place where you live and keep your birds.
Invisible Man: I don't keep anything. I let 'em out once a day, they come back. Sounds like free will to me.
Peter: I need to learn how to control this. Like you do.
Invisible Man: What are you talking about? It can't be controlled.
Peter: There has to be some way. If, if I don't, New York explodes. Okay? I explode.
Invisible Man: An exploding man, where'd you get that idea?
Peter: My dreams. This place. I found you for a reason. I think you're the one that has to teach me how to stop this.
Invisible Man: There's no such thing. No teaching. No Sunday school for the special. What I can do, you can't learn. You wake up in the morning, it's there. If you've got thin soup, then that's your supper. Sorry, mate, that's the way it is.
Peter: I'm trying not to die. There's got to be something you can do.
Invisible Man: I can kill you myself right now. Solve your exploding problem here. Maybe that's why you dreamt me. Don't bother looking for me. You won't find me here again.

Matt: Yes, I will call the plumber today.
Janice: Are you always gonna be in my head?
Matt: Well, I can't control this thing.
Janice: You can't or you won't?