The love of Eve shall heal the earth, and all the worlds shall feel it. Nature will be restored. Hope will spark in darkness, as innocence turns to experience. All will be in harmony once more.

Serafina Pekkala

When we do find each other again, no one will be able to tear us apart. We’ll be joined so tightly, every atom of me and every atom of you. When they use our atoms to make new lives, they’ll have to take two -- one for you, and one for me. We’ll be in the flowers and in the sunbeams. We’ll be joined so tight.


You wish to serve no one but yourself. You are a cesspit of moral filth.


Desire is not sin. Love takes a million forms, each of them beautiful. Each of them worthy. You who judge -- just afraid.


Love is never small to those who discover it for the first time.


I just couldn’t bear the idea of living without feeling that alive. And I thought, “Will anyone be better off if I just go back to the hotel and say my prayers and promise never to fall into temptation again?" And the answer came back -- No. No one will. And I realized there was no one there to reward me for being a good girl and no one there to punish me for being wicked. There was no one. And it was liberating.

Dr. Mary Malone

You see so much, and yet you share so little.

Mrs. Coulter

Today is our chance. It is our chance to tell him that our lives are beautiful and precious, and that we should be allowed to experience all they have to offer without the fear of retribution.

Lord Asriel

I love her, and I hate that I do.

Mrs. Coulter

Your love for Lyra is your salvation, and your downfall.


I have devoted my entire life to science and the pursuit of truth. I swore blind that prophecies are merely stories concocted to control the credulous, and yet, here I stand, unable to avoid the prophetic truth in front of me.

Lord Asriel

Don’t try to live in a world that’s not your own, no matter how tempting it may seem.

Jopari (John Parry)

His Dark Materials Quotes

All these men after you, I tell you, it’ll never change.

Mrs. Coulter

Fear is a gift. It allows people to learn.

Father Gomez