Frank: It's got to be Jorge, which means he doesn't know his guy's dead.
Annalise: Or it leads him right to us.
Frank: It's an Antares phone. Totally untraceable.
Annalise: Get rid of it, Frank.
Frank: Listen.
Annalise: You wanna end up the next dead body around here?
Frank: Oh, who's gonna kill me? You, or Jorge?
Annalise: Well, it's a tossup right now. Destroy it.

Annalise: Tell me you didn't keep Dominick's phone.
Frank: It's evidence he killed Wes.
Annalise: It's evidence you killed Dominick.

Michaela: You gonna get that?
[Frank looks at Michaela, then at the phone.]
Frank: Laurel's waiting for you.

Think of all the pain we could have avoided if you just let me go.


What we are to each other is so much more complicated than any stupid husband or wife or girlfriend.


Connor: Hey, um, you might want to sit down for this.
Annalise: What the hell happened to Laurel, Connor?
Connor: I don't know, she isn't home.
Annalise: I know, I'm at the hospital wth her.
Connor:The hospital?
Annalise: She had the baby, Connor.
Connor: No.
Annalise: Yes, I found her in my elevator. She almost bled to death.
Connor: Bled to death from what?
Annalise: I don't know. You were all with her.
Connor: I wasn't when it all went down.
Annalise: When what went down? Connor?
Connor: There was a shooting.
Annalise: What?

Connor: Annalise is calling.
Michaela: Take it. Tell her to get Asher out of jail.
Connor: Oh, now you're okay with me asking her for help?
Michaela: Connor, please?

Connor: All of this was for nothing.
Michaela: I'm the one who saw Simon's head explode. If anyone gets to lose here, it's me.

It’s Christoph. I’m in trouble. We all could be. Call me as soon as you get this.


You’re not as good a liar as you think.