Fuck what the universe has planned. I spoke English as a second language, I dropped out of high school and I never doubted once that we weren't going to make it.


I'm actually pretty good with commitment. Plus Heather is into the idea of threesomes, it's just too bad she didn't find you attractive.


Love will change your life if you let it. It just happened to me.


Yo, the safe word is pumpkin, aight? I hear that shit, I'm kicking in that door! Just me and my bitch.


Tim: How's Crunch?
Ben: Crisp? It's good.
Tim: Alright Cam I'll see you later man.

Is that my former heir apparent who threw it all away to to go bang DJ's in Ibiza?


Money, right yeah it matters, but it's one piece of the puzzle. Let me tell you something. Sometimes who you are doing business with is a lot more important than the business that you are doing.


Delivery! Somebody order a beatdown?


Oh my god, do you know about the mole people that live beneath the city? It's like straight Narnia down there man.


Ben: It's not about the money.
Nancy: Yeah well it should be.

What are you fucking Matlock now?


Since when do you trust White Boy Chi Chi?