Domingo: What time do you guys need me to get my Zoolander on?
Ben: Ten?
Domingo: A.M.?

Rachel: I gotta be at work in thirty minutes.
Domingo: You see that's why I'm self employed. I'm already at the office.

Here I am trying to go legit and you go Scarface on me.


Sometimes I feel like God doesn't want me to win legitimately.


Everton Thompson: What the fuck is a rasta monsta?
Wilfredo: I'm the Rasta Monsta motha fucka!

Rene: What happened to ride or die?
Wilfredo: Yo I feel like I wanna live today though.

I want it to feel like my body doesn't exist.


Lulu: If you saw my last boyfriend you'd probably agree.
Cam: What, did he wear guy-liner or something?
Lulu: He wore a tunic and a cape.
Cam: I might wear a cape for you.

Ben: I have to give you something for this, this is too much.
Rachel: It was like, I got it for nothing and I mean it was Paris, Louis Vuitton grows on trees over there.

Ben: I gotta paint a sign for a donut shop out in Bed-Stuy.
Cam: Alright, Brooklyn in the building?
Ben: It's a vegan donut shop called Funkin Fauxnuts.
Cam: Ah nah, Brooklyn not in the building.

Ben: Who knew she had an ass like that?
Cam: I did, listen you want me to come over and brain storm with you?

I want to throw up on your face right now.