Ronnie is right here. There is no need to speak about him in the third person. (turns to face Ray) You see, Ronnie wasn't on the barbecue because he was busy working in his office.


Floyd: It was great to see you, Tanya.
Tanya: Well yeah, fuck you, Floyd!

Out or curiosity, did Jacob have any pubic hair? Because I do. And I actually feel you're about to start a brush fire.


Tanya: When I was a child, I was really prolific. My adolescence was ah, so fertile. I hemorrhaged words.
Pierce: So what stopped the bleeding?
Tanya: I think it was my mother.

(voice-over while making love to Jemma) It was just me and her making out in my tent with the wind howling outside. It felt different this time. It felt real.... which is why waking up next to that pile of cold hard cash felt like such a kick in the gut.


Tanya: Hi, mom. I'm feeling kinda lonely.
Tany's mother: Are you in the hospital? Never call me this late unless you're in the hospital.
Tanya: It's 8:30.

Just because Ronnie can't buy you a car doesn't mean I can't.


Tanya: We're friends, right?
Ray: Strange friends.

Tanya: It's like my mother always said: I'm too desperate to be liked.
Ray: You're mother said that? That's awful.
Tanya: Let's not go there, Ray.

You're the worst pimp in the world!

Ray [to Tanya]

For a lot of women, happiness and sex are the same.


Women are not just poultry. You can't just grab.


Hung Season 1 Quotes

It's been a rough couple of years. Real rough.


I used to be a big deal. I used to be going somewhere. Now all I do is try not to drown. When did life become something you buy?


Hung Season 1 Music

  Song Artist
Have mercy Have Mercy Loretta Lynn iTunes
How long do i have to wait for you How Long Do I Have to Wait for You? Sharon Jones and The Dap-Kings iTunes