American girls don't seem to have inside voices. ... They're very forward.

Even though they're like smiling at me -- their face is saying, 'How was it?', but their eyes are saying, 'I'm gonna shank you in your sleep!’

There are a lot of girls in the house that aren't princess material.

The guys I'm used to dating just get me drunk and make out with me in the back of the bar.

There's fire-breathing dragons.

Don't do too much alcohol tonight, sir, in case you give the game away.

I just feel like everything keeps adding up. Why is Kingsley calling him 'sir?' I mean, this must be Prince Harry.

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I hope I have what it takes to be next to somebody with such stature.

Who else has Secret Service? The queen? The president? Michael Jackson? I don't think he's any of them.

I hope I don't sound ignorant saying this, but I don't know what Prince Harry looks like.

We don't have tea parties where I'm from. I don't think Long Island Iced Teas count.

We're at Downton Abbey!

I Wanna Marry Harry Quotes

We're at Downton Abbey!

rich, handsome, and, for those who dream big enough, royal.

It's every girl's dream