Everything I do is for Elena.


If you love me, I need you to do one thing-forget about me.


Hello, Aaron.


You have to make a decision. Are you going to let one twist of fate define who you are?


I don't know Ben Larson.


Now I am going to ask you again, and if you don't answer I'm going then I start carving.


The truth is that with your pants off, all you limp dicks look the same to me!


Hendrick: Are you threatening me, Mr. Kaplan?
Roger: I don't threaten-I incentivize. I'm up for that promotion on 40, and on my way there I'm making two lists: which one do you want to be on?

Spiga is in every other part of our lives-does it have to be in this one?


Terrance; Let me be perfectly clear. You are what I say you are. If I want a leg broken, you're a leg breaker-you hear me? Do you want your purse or not?

Hendrick: At least when you were a little snot you listened to me.
Ben: Yeah, you've always been like a father to me. When things got tough, you bailed.

We are not having a clone of me. Don't you want the baby to look like you at all?


Incorporated Quotes

Laura: Mom. I am not a child: I am an adult!
Elizabeth: The last time you were an independent adult I received a piece of my daughter in the mail.

Laura: You're always so...sunny.
Ben: And that's bad?
Laura: No - I just wish it were that easy for me.
Ben: Trust me, it's harder than it seems.