Liv: Savor this one, Clive, it was our last case.
Clive: Why is that?
Liv: Ravi's cure works. Major's back to normal, no memory loss, I'm about to take it.
Clive: You're throwing in the towel on being a zombie now? You can't tough it out a few more years? At least until I get my Captain bars?
Liv: Thanks for giving these past couple of years meaning, Clive.
Clive: You did that yourself. I just took advantage of it.

Ravi: Liv, we have a problem. The syringes, they were locked in a drawer
Liv: Were?
Ravi: They're gone.

Liv: It works, Ravi. The cure works.
Ravi: It's a batch waiting at the morgue. So, what do you say Liv, ready to be human again?

Peyton: Well, it worked. You've made a fool of me. This whole time my friends could have had a cure. Liv could have been human for months. You're a sad, selfish, greedy man.
Blaine: Wait, what happened to it didn't matter how we got here?
Peyton: I'm a lawyer Blaine, I shouldn't be trusted.

Blaine: Major is going to get his memory back, and the good news doesn't stop there. This is me.This version of me, small-business owner, amateur lounge singer, and the guy who feels lucky every time you walk through that door.
Peyton: Major's memory is going to come back?
Blaine: It fades out slowly at first, and then completely, and then later it just snaps back into place.

Bill: Hey Dahlia, listen, we got a call from the bus depot, a young man was wandering around with no belongings and no I.D. He didn't seem to know who he was. I went down to pick him up, and, well, look who I find.
Dahlia: Major?

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Open your eyes, Blaine loses his memory and just like that all of his problems are gone. He's got Mr. Vause off his back. His brain business is raking in dough since there's no cure for being a zombie. And oh, now clean-slate, nice guy Blaine can put the moves on that hot assistant D.A, without having to answer for his very shady past.

Don E

Liv: Ugh, nice creeps are the worse. Men. Are. Garbage.
Clive: Liv.
Liv: Not you, Clive. You're the best. You know that, right?

Liv: Dear God, is this Ravi envelope tear-stained?
Major: Alright, you can't shame me. I'm pouring my heart out.

Let me guess, Trish. Slap anyone in a grocery store lately?


I can get you 1 million dollars in cash, now, if you get me a cure.


Ravi: We have a development
Liv: We have a development? I have a development. This case I'm solving, I think she was killed for being awesome. Murdered by haters, literally. You got any kind of enhanced water?

iZombie Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Peyton: Wait, Major took the cure? Well, how's his memory?
Liv: So far so good, but it's early.

OK, I'm glad you're human and are again able to experience the concept of flavor, but can you at least dial down the noises.