You're her, aren't you? You're Renegade. Of course, you are. Seattle needed a hero and guess who volunteered. The girl who can't find meaning in her life any other way. This is going to get you killed, Liv. But hell you're going to get me killed too.


Major: You put a tracker in my pocket?! You could have gotten me killed! Did you even consider that?!
Liv: You're too close to Fillmore Graves, Major. You're a true believer. You wouldn't understand.

You can tell me who this new Renegade is or I can shoot you through your heart and my friend and I will eat your brain and wait for a vision of what we want to know.


Isobel: I checked off a lot of stuff from my bucket list.
Ravi: Like what?!
Isobel: You know.
Ravi: You're joking!
Isobel: Ravi, of course, I am. Or am I?

Clive, lemme mess him up. We'll say he fell down the stairs.


Oh no, it's that crap episode of zombie high where it's clear the show ran out of money, so everything cool happens offscreen, and the characters just talk about it afterward.


Dale: Liv's suspended.
Liv: Que?
Dale: You are not to leave this building or participate in fieldwork any time for the foreseeable future.
Liv: What?!

I love Dale, but I've also been thinking about how every future I imagine for myself had kids in it. I want to be a dad, Liv. With a human like Michelle that can happen. They're not letting zombies adopt so, with Dale that means no kids. Never.


Liv: You and Michelle knocking boots yet?
Clive: I'm not doing this dance with you, Liv.

Blaine: Where should we be looking for zombie Jesus?
Angus: You shouldn't laugh, son. I hear your voice, and I hear echoes of the voice of God.

Ravi: Buckshot three times. Detective Benedetto didn't just die he, died hard.
Liv: My expert medical opinion is that he died hard too. It's such beautiful weather today, would you say?
Ravi: Yes, it's a good day to ... die hard.
Clive: Are you two done?

I glued a guy's buttocks together, but he deserved it. He was a real turd.


iZombie Season 4 Episode 10 Quotes

I glued a guy's buttocks together, but he deserved it. He was a real turd.


You guys are headed for a fall. I hope I'm the one who gets to do the pushing.