Liv: I love you, Ravi.
Ravi: I love you too, Liv.
Liv: Give me that're sure?
Ravi: I'm sure.

What's it like for someone out there rocking the old school zombie look?


Fillmore Graves is infecting the Aleutian with zombie blood. Everyone who takes the vaccine is going to turn into a zombie.


He's a zombie, Dale. We live in a city full of zombies, and you got to let him go. If you put him back in jail, you're liable to start a zombie apocalypse. This is the same decision I had to make with Major. Let him go, and I'll tell you all about it.


Clive: Did she kill Wally and Anna Reid.
Chase: I'm not sure if she pulled the trigger, but she ordered it. I believe it'll be in everybody's best interest if I took care of this in-house.
Clive: Be my guest.

You and Vivan weren't idealists. You were cowards.


Hey there, too much to hope this is a booty call?


Chase: If we're going to survive, we're going to have to do a few things that can't be undone. If I scratch you, you better be damn sure what side you're on.
Major [extends his wrist]: It's not even close.

Major: I want back in
Chase: We've been through this.
Major: Scratch me. Make me a zombie.

Liv: I slept with Chase Graves. I was on Katty's brain, the woman wasn't choosy about her lovers.
Ravi: Thanks.

Justin: Why do I have a feeling my night's not getting any better?
Liv: I slept with Chase Graves.

Liv: We thought you were dead.
Major: Natalie's dead.

iZombie Season 3 Quotes

I propose that from this day forward no big secrets between the five of us.


Ravi: Unreciprocated. You didn't get that down
Agent: Only because I can't spell it.