Martin: He killed three women.
Eve: He could kill the shit out of me.

Konstantin: The safe word is "gentleman." I didn't choose it.
Villanelle: Why do I need a safe word?
Konstantin: Because you cannot just kill your way out of this.
Villanelle: How would I even get "gentleman" into a sentence?

[to Villanelle's voice mail] Hi. It's Eve. Just... send me a text when you're finished, or otherwise, I'll worry that you've been murdered or something. [pause] Hi Villanelle, just checking in to make sure everything is OK with Aaron. I, I'm sure it is, it's just, you know, so I know. I'm sure you're fine.

Blech. Get a room.


Kenny: Eve! You forgot your charger.
Eve: Oh, that's not mine.
Kenny: Don't go to Rome. Just don't.
Eve: What?
Kenny: Trust me. Get out of it. The operation I've been switched to is...
Carolyn: Kenny! Do you want chunky peanut butter or smoothe?
Kenny: Chunky.
Carolyn: Nice to see you, Eve. Oh, don't forget your charger.

Uhh, you're not yelling, but it feels like you're yelling.


Carolyn: Hello, Eve.
Eve: Morning. This is an obvious breakfast choice.
Carolyn: I can't stand breakfast. It's just constant eggs. I mean, why? Who decided?

Villanelle: You want me not to kill someone. You do know what I do, right?
Eve: This is harder. A challenge.
Villanelle: Mmmm. I do not like to be challenged.

Do I get a watch with a laser in it?


Eve: Niko! Oh my God. What are you doing out there?
Niko: She came to see me. I know what you did. I know you stabbed her.
Eve: You can't believe her. She's a liar.
Niko: I know, but I do believe her.
Eve: I can explain.
Niko: Can you? Did you like it? Do you like all of this? Does it excite you? What do you want from me, Eve? Do you want me to love you, or do you want me to frighten you?

Villanelle: I don't think a BJ will help.
Eve: Stop.
Villanelle: He's too nice. He's too normal for you. You know that.
Eve: Stop it.
Villanelle: Why?
Eve: Because you will never understand how much harder it is to be nice and normal and decent than it is to be like you.
Villanelle: Like us, you mean.

Eve: What are YOU doing, Niko?
Niko: Gemma has a sofa-bed, I'm sleeping downst...
Eve: That's not what I asked.
Niko: I'd like you to apologize.
Gemma: No, really, it's fine.
Niko: Gemma is my friend. You remember friends, don't you? There's nothing going on here.
Eve: You're right. There's NOTHING going on here. [to Gemma] I hope you like the missionary position.
Gemma: I do, actually.
Eve: [to Niko] You'll be happy here.
Niko: I dread to think about where you'll be happy, Eve.

Killing Eve Quotes

Most of the time, most days, I feel nothing. I don't feel anything. It is so boring. I wake up and I think, again, really? I have to do this again? And what I really don't understand is how come everyone else isn't screaming with, with boredom, too, and I try to find ways to make myself feel something. More, and more, and more, but it doesn't make any difference. No matter what I do, I don't feel anything. I hurt myself; it doesn't hurt. I buy what I want; I don't want it. I do what I like; I don't like it. I'm just so bored.


Frank: You're fired.
Eve: You're a dick swab.
Bill: Oh hey!
Frank: Thank you, Bill.
Bill: No! I was gonna call you a dick swab!