Power never goes out of style.

Delle Sayeh [to Aneela]

Now are you glad I got you that birthday knife?

Khlyen [to Dutch]

Delle Sayeh: I'm never going to be nice, Pree. But I am going to try to be good.
Pree: I'll hold you to that.

So this is it. No backsies.


I'll tell you who I am. I'm the woman that's going to bloody end you.

Dutch [to The Lady]

Johnny: OK, it's going to get bumpy. Just because they can't see us don't mean they can't hit us.
Lucy: Thank you. I am aware how physics works.
D'avin: Ooo, science burn. Nice.

I think I may have taught you too well, Yalena.

Khlyen [to Dutch]

Remember when you were a toddler for like five hours and didn't have an opinion? I miss those times.

D'avin [to Jaq]

Assassin. Killjoy. Poet. I'm a busy girl.

Dutch [to Khlyen]

Bitch, do not toy with my emotions.

Pree [to Delle Sayeh]

It doesn't matter how your story begins. It's about who's with you at the end.


I hate you so much. I really do.

Johnny [to Dutch]

Killjoys Quotes

So this is it. No backsies.


Fancy: That doesn't rhyme.
Gared: I don't write the license, bro.