Enjoy your day in Old Town. Enjoy the sexes. Avoid the pork.


Khlyen: Be strong, Yalena.
Dutch: You be strong. I'll be injured.

John: I could have taken those guys.
Dutch: To what? To dinner?

John: You know, you never hear of anything exciting happening at this end of the J. You want to know why? Because nothing exciting ever happens at this end of the J.
Dutch: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Noted, again.

John: Listen, ship. I know we got off on the wrong foot, but this is getting weird. It's been months since I stole you.
Lucy: Attempted to steal me. You failed. You are a failure.
John: Thanks, Mom!

Dutch: We didn't order anything yet.
Pree: Honey, your faces did. As soon as you walked in that door.

John: Let's get my con on.
Dutch: Oh, gods help us.

John: Let me lead. I've been through this a million different times on a million planets.
Dutch: Only you would brag about multiple arrests, dingus.

Siano: Wow. You know a lot about gross poisons for a debutante carrot.
Dutch: Girl's got to have a hobby. It was either this or pole dancing.

Dutch: You really are great, you know that?
John: I've heard the rumors.

John: Where'd you learn that?
Dutch: Princess self-defense classes. It was a tough kingdom.

John: We've been here five minutes, and I've already saved your ass. You need me.
Dutch: No. You just need to feel needed.
John: Obviously. It's still rude to say.

Killjoys Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Khlyen: Be strong, Yalena.
Dutch: You be strong. I'll be injured.

Aneela: You found [Dutch]?
Khlyen: I think she found us.