Josh: Dad, how are we going get back to Mom?
Izzy: It can’t end like this.
Gavin: It won’t. I have an idea. Let’s go.

If I learned one thing down here, it’s to keep on fighting, it’s to keep on fighting, and that’s what we’re going to do.


Sam: I’m sorry it took so long to find you.
Riley: You’re forgiven. It’s a bit of a trip from 10,000 BC.

Before all this, I was just an angry guy. I was confused all the time. I didn’t trust anybody. But then, I found my best friend, the woman I love, and I found myself. I’m scared, but with your help, I think I can be this guy anywhere we go.


Lucas: We’re family, but you need to go before I kick your ass.
Scott: Love you, too, man.

I’m going to be a different father, and if your mother will let me, a different husband. But none of this works if you’re not there.


Helena: We’re going to attach it and fry everything they have.
Gavin: Piece of cake, right?

Hey, this ring belonged to my wife. Where did you get it? Answer me, dammit! Talk!


Levi: I’m going find her and make things right.
Scott: You mean right for Gavin?
Levi: And everyone else. I blew everyone’s chance to get home. I hope this makes up for it.

Gavin: I can’t imagine how difficult that was for you.
Helena: For years, I was on the run. You had your family. I had no one. I’ve never had a real family, so when you promised to include me in yours, it was big.
Gavin: Hey, I’m sorry. I was a different person then.

I know you want to escape from here, but running is not the answer. Who told you there was going to be an aurora here, anyway?


Levi: I made peace with everything but you and me.
Gavin: None of that matters anymore. You’re my brother.
Levi: Brothers until the end.

La Brea Quotes

Izzy: I should’ve held on, and now they’re gone. It’s my fault.
Gavin: It’s not your fault. I got you. I got you.

Izzy: Hang on, okay?
Eve: Izzy, you’ve got to go.
Izzy: No, I’ve got you.