Michael: Are you here to endorse my campaign?
Stabler: No, no. I'm here to have a heart-to-heart with you and make a promise.
Michael: About what?
Stabler: You and I both know you are behind the attempted murder of Jennifer Lee. That's the heart-to-heart. Now here's the promise: I will bring you down for it.

Whalen: Hey. Didn't the feds bust the Black Tigers for prostitution and gambling years ago?
Reyes: It's a new dawn, a new day.

So is this Lin's idea of an olive branch? Sending you down here to say the kid who ran from us isn't credible?


Yao: You know what happens to people in my neighborhood who talk to the cops?
Bell: Yes, I do. But do you know what happens to people who don't talk when they've witnessed an attempted murder?

Sarge, we are completely striking out here and the interpreter hasn't showed up yet.


Bell: DI Thurman was here when the shooting happened. He called us in. This is an Organized Crime case.
Chang: And this is Chinatown, Sergeant. Things work a little differently here.

Whalen: You remember what you did when you made second detective?
Reyes: Yeah. My wife was eight months pregnant with my kid and we had spaghetti and fell asleep on the couch.

Bell: You go in as Julius and Grimes realizes you're not...
Whalen: I know I'm taking a risk, but I'm willing to do it.
Bell: I don't like it. We are not bringing 200 working guns to a hostage situation.

David: You know, I thought about getting out. Janelle wanted to settle down with her guy, have kids. I thought, what is my grandkid going to think of me? But this is just who I am.
Stabler: Doesn't have to be.
David: You always were a poor judge of character. In any fight between nature and nurture, nature always wins.
Stabler: I don't believe that. You just have to be willing not to give up the fight.
David: I think you'd be happier if you'd did.

Reyes: What did I just hack into? This doesn't look good.
Jet: The federal government looks at me and I look at them. Don't worry about it.

Ballistics guy: Whoever made this was a Rembrandt.
Jet: Rembrandt was a painter. You mean Michaelangelo. He was a sculptor.

Listen, son, I don't want this to happen to you. I really don't. I've seen innocent people die and it's a tragedy. Sometimes it has to happen. Casualty of war. Now if you really don't know anything, I'll chill out. I'm not an evil man. I just want my daughter back.


Law & Order: Organized Crime Quotes

Mob Boss: Why am I here?
Stabler: You know why I'm dressed like this? I just buried my wife.

Criminal: Say I was able to get a message to Mrs. Sinatra. What would I tell her?
Stabler: What happened in Puglisia didn't stay in Puglisia