Bell: Alex, if you want even a single shred of leniency, you'd better tell us who we're dealing with.
Alex: Frank Moretti. If you want to go after someone, go after him.
Bell: All right. You want to save your dad? We can work something out.

I'm not ready. The judgments, the whispers, missing out on assignments and promotions, not getting to hang out with the guys. Being out might be good for you, but not for me.


Bell: How did I miss this?
Stabler: If the NYPD didn't put together there was a pattern, that's not on you.
Bell: Elliot, I'm a gay cop. If someone is committing crimes against the gay community and the NYPD is ignoring it, that's not okay.

Juan: How long has it been?
Bell: Well my hair is curly again, so it's been a while.

Stabler: I didn't know this was still an issue.
Bell: It's complicated. As a whole, the department has gotten much better, but can't say that for everybody.

Eric: How are you gonna write this up?
Stabler: You know the routine. We'll say we were there.

I need everyone on high alert. We are not just here for the victims. We are here for Quan too.


Bell: There are civilians in there. I don't like it.
Jet: Maybe that's the point.

Bhau wanted to come to America for school. I told him no. A parent's job is to protect his children. I will not stop.

Wao Shen

Bell: Quan seems like the American dream. Came to America with nothing, 40 years later he's a modern business owner.
Chang: He makes it sound like he took advantage of opportunity.
Bell: The truth is he made his money from human trafficking.

How does the Coast Guard miss an abandoned life raft?


Wen Shao: I reported my son missing to the cops back home. They wouldn't help. They said he ran away. They knew the truth and they did nothing.
Stabler: I'm not them.
Wen Shao: Then let me out.

Law & Order: Organized Crime Quotes

Mob Boss: Why am I here?
Stabler: You know why I'm dressed like this? I just buried my wife.

Criminal: Say I was able to get a message to Mrs. Sinatra. What would I tell her?
Stabler: What happened in Puglisia didn't stay in Puglisia