Now here's the truth. I feel for every woman in this courtroom, for the unrealistic expectations that society puts on you. But here's the thing. That does not allow you to kill without consequence.


Anna: They're better off dead than in a world without...
Stone: Without what?
Anna: Isn't it obvious? Without me.
Stone: I have news for you. You're not so special.

Benson: You know, last night, I put Noah to bed. I kissed him goodnight, turned out the light, and then I just stood there, watching him sleep, for two hours.
Rollins: I did the same thing.
[They hug]
Benson: Sometimes life just sucks. You know, Amanda, you should keep those flowers.
Rollins: Why?
Benson: Because sometimes you need a little pretty.

I've been a cop for 20 years and never in my career have I seen anything like this. She convinced herself that murdering her children and murdering her husband was the only choice.


What kind of legal system do we have if a woman like Anna Mills can kill her children and get away with it?


Benson: What is it?
Delores: It's nothing.
Benson: Tell me.
Delores: Every night, Mrs. Anna says buenos noches. Good night. But that night, she said adios. Goodbye. And she kissed me. She never kissed me.

Are you buying any of this? Cause it sounds to me like a made-up syndrome cooked up by a defense attorney.


Your Honor, my client needs so much medication to get out of bed in the morning, she's not gonna run.


Anna [sobbing]: My babies...
Benson: You killed them, didn't you, Anna? You did this.
Anna: Of course I did! I had to!

Oh my God. I can't believe this. Mothers don't kill their babies.


Carisi: It was his [Julian's] law firm, but I don't think he was in on this.
Benson: Why? Because you don't like poets?

Tom: Someone killed them over money?
Fin: One of the top two reasons people get dead.

Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 7 Quotes

Benson: No sign of forced entry.
Carisi: Coffee cups, empty cereal bowls...
Benson: Just another day.
Carisi: Until it wasn't.

Fin: Who the hell stabs a kid?
Cop: The devil.