These women, nobody cares about them. Their sell-by date has expired. So what do we do? We throw them in hospitals, forget about them. We can't put them out at the side of the curb for Wednesday morning pickup. The least we can do is keep predators away from them.


Patrice was faithful to one man for over 50 years. Maybe you can die of a broken heart.


Carisi: There's the little fact that you like to rape old women.
Henry: That's a lie!
Rollins: That's interesting. Most people, if they were accused of something like that, would say 'That's sick.' or 'That's disgusting.'

Carisi: This guy's a real Renaissance man. He's been an orderly, a nurse, a chef, and a rapist.
Rollins: He was a temp. Filled in where needed.

Rollins: Jessie has a teddy bear more threatening than this guy.
Benson: We don't know what he was like 50 years ago.

This is kabookie. Even if you prosecuted him, it wouldn't stand up in court.


Rollins: Did you rape her, Leonard?
Maxwell: We made love. In the kitchen. It was beautiful. But Maddie felt so guilty she said we should never see each other again. And that was it. I never saw her again.

Maxwell: Ah, Maddie. She made me feel alive. She was so sweet, so beautiful.
Rollins: Sounds like you had a thing for her.
Maxwell: I loved her.

Christine: She's not usually like this. Did something happen?
Rollins: Well, she wasn't raped yesterday. I don't know how or when, but yes, something's wrong.

Okay, the thing is, you work with someone for seven years, you expect a goodbye.


Rollins: You're a good daughter.
Christine: Am I? Did I do it for her, or did I do it for me? She's my mom. I feel like I put her in an $18,000/month garbage heap because I didn't want to deal with her.

Carisi: I'm gonna need a list of your employees.
Nursing Home Director: They've all been screened.
Carisi: I still need to see them, just in case.

Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 21 Quotes

Nurse: Perfect timing.
Woman: Oh no, I took that already.
Nurse: No, that was yesterday.
Nurse: Yes. Yesterday was Thursday, today is Friday.
Woman: Are you sure?
Nurse: I never forget Friday.
Woman: So today is Friday.
Nurse: Yes.
Woman: I was raped.

Benson: I thought we were like family. So why do I have to hear this from Dodds?
Fin: Dodds has a big mouth.