It's a snowflake defense. 'Daddy made me do it.'

Defense attorney

My friends are dead, my mom's a mess, my brother's locked up forever. None of this would have happened if you had just left us alone! You want to blame somebody? Blame yourselves!


Benson: So that's it? It's over? Sam goes to prison, probably for life, and I get that. He deserves it. But the father... the father just gets to walk away?
Stone: No. This isn't over. Not by a long shot.

A lot of kids are assaulted, abused, and humiliated. They don't shoot up schools or hurt other kids.


I was four years old, maybe, and I was trying to stick a sword from one of my little toy soldiers into the electric outlet. And Dad found out. He wasn't angry, but he was serious. And he said, 'This is gonna hurt me more than it hurts you but I really want you to remember this.' And he told me to take off my shorts and lay down on the bed. And I did. And I heard him opening his belt. And he hit me. And it hurt really bad. And I cried. But I never forgot and I never played with that electric outlet again.


You worry about your kid getting sick or breaking a bone or God forbid getting hit by a taxi and it's like you're holding your breath underwater every day. And then you get to kiss them goodnight and tuck them in and you get to breathe again.


Stone: How did you find me?
Benson: Carmen and I go way back.
Stone: I'd fire her if she wasn't the best assistant I've ever had.

Stone: He only shot 13 times?
Fin: He was a bad shot. It could have been worse.

Fin: Tell ESU!
Carisi: No. One wrong move and they're gonna shoot him.
Fin: Maybe they should.

I had just sat down at my desk in homeroom and I heard this noise. Pop pop. It sounded like someone had brought firecrackers to school and then there were screams. The teachers were telling us to get down and I just froze. And then there was Sam in the doorway, a 22 in his hand.


A jury found him not guilty. Maybe I didn't see what I thought I saw.


Carisi: Family stuck together. That's a tough nut to crack.
Stone: I should have used a bigger hammer.

Law & Order: SVU Season 20 Episode 2 Quotes

Stone: Was going hunting with your dad and brother a big deal?
Sam: It was to my dad.
Stone: But not to you?
Sam: My dad killed a moose when he was 12. Brian killed a deer when he was 15.
Stone: In your family, it's a big deal.
Sam: It's how you become a man.

Defense attorney: So how did you get the injuries that Mr. Stone has repeatedly called indications of rape?
Sam: Do I have to?
Attorney: Yeah, you do.
Sam: So, I met a man and it was the first time. I wanted him to, you know, it wasn't rape or anything like that.