Go home. Talk to somebody you love. And don't make this job your whole life.


We got the guy, Dodds. In cases like this, that's as good as it ever gets.


Mike: But we don't know why.
Fin: There's never a good answer to that question.

Proof. Finally.


Everybody knows everybody's business on City Island.


It's a long story and telling it now might hurt a lot of innocent people.


So we're looking for the illegitimate son of a dead man.


Robbie: I just want to sleep.
Sonny: You can sleep as soon as you tell us the truth.
Mike: Why don't you tell us, she got in the van?
Robbie: Okay. She got in the van.

You don't get to close your eyes just yet.


Robbie's struggled. If there's a smart way or a stupid way, Robbie does it the stupid way.

George Marino

Hey? Can I ask you something? My son? What is his life like?

Birth mother

I am sorry that a girl is dead and if I could help you I would.


Law & Order: SVU Season 17 Episode 8 Quotes

Acting out? That's not like our daughter.

Mr. Evans

Mrs. Evans: Lily doesn't know any Diego.
Sonny: She does.

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