Preston: I am a transgender man. If you wanted to know that, you could have just asked. I would have told you.
Olson: So you used to be a woman?
Preston: No. I was always a man.

Preston: Once I'm outed to officials, there's no going back in. And with one stroke of a Tweet from Air Force One, I could lose my job, my career, everything I've worked so hard for.
Benson: I know things seem really unfair right now, but does it give you any comfort that that Tweet did not become law?
Preston: Today, maybe. But what about tomorrow? Do you know what's going to happen?

Stone: The law will never uphold any ban against transgender people serving in the military.
Benson: That's true, but there's a big difference between the law and real life.

You know, every morning I get up, I look in the mirror, you know what I see? Not a damn thing.


I'd rather be a criminal than a traitor.


Defense attorney: Interesting case we got here, the word of a lying lady of the night against that of two decorated soldiers.
Stone: Save your breath. No deals.
Defense attorney: She's a hooker, Peter.
Stone: And he's a rapist.

Benson: You matter. What happened to you mattered. What doesn't matter is why you were in that hotel room that night.
Sky: You mean, that I get paid to have sex.

Benson: Sky, I am very sorry this happened to you.
Sky: Joke's on them. The nervous virgin left his money clip before all the drama went down.
Benson: And you took it.
Sky: I earned it.

Sky: I never asked to press charges.
Rollins: That's not how this works.

Rollins: I've been here seven years and I still don't get it.
Carisi: World's oldest profession, my friend.
Rollins: I get why there are hookers. I just don't get why we give a damn. They know the risks.
Carisi: Maybe they didn't have a choice.
Rollins: Everyone has a choice.

Hotel Owner: Don't you need a warrant or something for that?
Fin: Only if you're the one who did the beating.
Hotel Owner: M-maybe I should call a lawyer.
Fin: Now you're lookin' real suspicious.
Hotel Owner: I guess I could let you take a look around and act like I didn't notice.

Fin: You got a name?
Skye: Everyone has a name.

Law & Order: SVU Season 19 Episode 17 Quotes

Fin: You got a name?
Skye: Everyone has a name.

Rollins: It's a little cold to be out without a coat. Hold up. Her stockings are on backwards.
EMT: Maybe she got dressed in a hurry.
Rollins: Or maybe she didn't dress herself. Hooker's night gone bad? Maybe a pimp?
Fin: Pimps know the girls are their bread and butter. No pimp would leave her to die.
Rollins: A john, then?
Fin: A john who's not afraid to kill.