I definitely wasn't stalking Quinn. It was more like, due diligence.


Bartender: Everybody stares at Quinn. She's beautiful. And she has this really honest, intense energy. She -
Rollins: You're starting to worry me, Nate.

Carisi: Have you ever seen someone watching you?
Quinn: No. It's just a feeling. And you get this sense that there's this dark energy focused in your direction.

Benson: Unfortunately, prison usually changes you for the worse, not for the better.
Carisi: Just like being a cop.
Benson: Who are you, and what have you done with Carisi? You really feel that way?
Carisi: Ask me in 20 years.

Woman: You should join us one night, Detective. Never too late to rejoice in the bliss of our Savior.
Fin: I'm good. But please tell me what time the damn meeting ended.

Benson: So retirement. How does that feel?
Cole: Should have done it years ago.

The only thing you need to worry about is you, okay? You're going to be okay, Quinn. You're going to get through this.


Fin: Was he short or tall?
Quinn: Medium height, medium build.
Fin: Could you tell if he was black or white?
Quinn: No. But it doesn't really matter. I think I know who did this. His name is Ray Wilson and he's been stalking me since college.

Changing who you are, who you really are is almost impossible, so let's embrace the venerable and double down on who they already are.


Benson: You're gonna retire? To do what?
Tucker: To do nothing. To smell the damn flowers. Hopefully with someone like you.

Tucker: I live three blocks from this palce. I never knew this place existed.
Benson: It takes time to explore.
Tucker: Exactly.
Benson: Something wrong?
Tucker: No. Just the opposite. Everything's just right.

Lawyer: It's not his job to talk, it's mine.
Benson: Then why don't you speak on his behalf for once?

Law & Order: SVU Quotes

Nanny: I offered to stay over last night, but Nadine said that I should go home.
Sonny: What time was this?
Nanny: Nine. I tucked Theo in bed and then I went home and when I came back this morning, the front door was open.
Sonny: What time was that?
Nanny: Seven thirty. I made sure to be on time. I knew Theo would need me.

Nadine: I know what this must look like, but I would never do anything to put my little boy in danger.
Benson: Okay, but we're going to need you to come down to the station and give us a full statement.
Nadine: Am I in trouble? Because those aren't mine.
Benson: Right now all we care about is finding your son.
Benson: Right now

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