Garland: He's protesting way too much. He asked me to give him my word I'd keep him in the loop.
Benson: I'm so sorry.
Garland: So am I. I have a sick feeling that those donations had nothing to do with the Lord.

Rollins: I know you're new here but...
Kat: I'm not that new.
Rollins: Something happened here and it wasn't spiritual.

Benson: Because I trust you and the community trusts you, I might need your help with this.
Garland: Okay. In this case, Laura Chase pulled me aside and said she was worried about the embezzlement charges. Might be an opening.

Carisi: We got a tip about a sexual predator.
Garland: This couldn't wait?
Rollins: The informant was worried about whether your would let the case go forward because you personally know the accused.
Garland: Of course. Who is it?
Carisi: Reverend Dominick Chase.
Benson: Is he the one who just said Grace? How well do you know him?
Garland: He and his wife Laura are like family. He ministered at my wedding.

So do you have any ideas, or are you just going to keep playing the "I'm the ADA, I need more card"?


It's like my friend Hudson says, "straight men, it's okay. Gay men, it depends. Girls in ballet, you do what we say."


Kat: She said it wasn't rape, so that's that?
Rollins: From what I've heard, rape culture is such a part of this company, they don't even recognize it anymore.

Jason, if you know more than what you're saying, now would be your last chance to tell us.


All this proves is that they're idiots. I know; I'm Brad's mother. Being an idiot isn't illegal.


Deliah: Jason is always hitting on me, but Brad is a gentleman. Are you sure?
Benson: Brad took the video.
Deliah: In ballet, the boys place the girls. That's how it works. Brad placed me on the bar, right in front of the camera. How could I have been so stupid?

Sweat, blood, semen. It's like a petri dish in there.


I can teach them to dance; I can't teach them not to be young and stupid.