Benson: Don't you find it odd that she didn't even ask us Cook's name? She didn't even want to know if we were going to arrest her?
Fin: If she asked about her assailant, that would mean admitting that she let it happen.

Cook: Will you take the blue pill of political correctness or the red pill?
Carisi: What's in the red pill?
Cook: Truth. Like, perhaps it is not in God's plan for a woman to be boxing in a warehouse at 4 in the morning. Perhaps she was meant for nobler purposes.
Rollins: You mean like making babies?
Cook: It's been that way for hundreds of years.

Beth: What's my mission, Lieutenant?
Benson: To heal.

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Benson: You didn't do anything wrong.
Beth: I respectfully disagree, ma'am. As a Ranger i'm taught to be strong and never do anything that is an embarrassment to my country.
Benson: You were raped and assaulted. Embarrassment doesn't even begin to come into the conversation.
Beth: I guess we just see it differently.

Benson: So Beth -
Beth: I prefer Captain Williams, ma'am.
Benson: Okay. So Captain Williams, whatever you prefer. So, Captain Williams, were you able to remember any of the details?
Beth: No. I tried, but it's still a little fuzzy.
Benson: Okay, so let's take it from the beginning. Where did you go after the party? Do you remember going to the fight club?

Benson: I think we can both agree that the top priority should be what's in Beth's best interest.
Danforth: So she'll be listed as a Jane Doe?
Benson: That's up to her.

Carisi: Now Mickey I'm gonna have to ask you some personal questions. It's standard procedure.
Mickey: Okay.
Carisi: Did you and Beth have sex in the past 48 hours?
Mickey: It's been five months so...
Carisi: Did you use a condom?
Mickey: No, Beth's on the pill so...
Carisi: Okay. I'm gonna have to swab your mouth.

Benson: Beth?
Beth: Yes ma'am?
Benson: I'm Sergeant Benson from the Special Victims Unit. ARe you feeling well enough to talk? It's gonna be okay.
Beth: I appreciate that.
Benson: I know this is tough, but I have to ask you a few questions. Do you know who did this to you?
Beth: I can't believe this happened. The timing is terrible.
Benson: What do you mean?
Beth: I'm supposed to start a press tour for the Army. Talking about courage, valor, bravery. I can't be here saying I got raped.

Fin: Question is, why is she walking around with 5G cash?
Carisi: Could be any number of reasons, but this neighborhood narrows it down.

Benson: You said she was sexually assaulted?
Fin: Looks that way. Her pants were off, her underwear was pulled down. Blunt force trauma to the back of the head.
Benson: Anything else?
Fin: We found a military ID. She's a ranger. Best of the best.

Father: So uh, have you two lovebirds set a date or what?
Man: Next year, May 20th, right babe?
Woman: Yeah.

Adam: Tell them the truth for God's sake!
Mother: Adam! Everything's going to be okay.
Benson: Everything is not going to be okay! That ship sailed the moment Jack stopped breathing.

Law & Order: SVU Quotes

Matt: I don't know, but she says it was so I dont know.
Buchanan: Well put.

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Sonny: Hey you up for a flight?
Rollins: Not really.
Sonny: Tough luck.