Logan: Our relationship was complicated.
Benson: Challenging how?
Logan: For one thing, she was transgender.

Carisi: Media's gonna be all over this.
Benson: Yeah, with good reason. This was a hate crime.

Woman: Do these people go by he or she?
Benson: This one goes by she.

Patrick: I went to bat for you!
Olivia: And the truth is, I wish you hadn't. I wish you'd just told the truth.

Olivia: Patrick, what were you thinking?
Patrick: That I have to protect my son, no matter what, no matter how.

I don't need any more time or any more help. I just want to plead guilty in front of everyone.


He is my son. He is 22 years old. He graduated suma cum laude from Dartmouth. He has a six figure job. And you want to destroy his life because he had sex with some drunk girl?


Just because I don't remember what happened doesn't mean I wasn't hurt.


Barba: He lied to save your ass. In my world, that gets you disbarred.
Olivia: Yeah, in my world it gets you a promotion.

This is not the same as you and me. This is different. Your son raped an unconscious girl. This isn't going away, Patrick.


Olivia: Patrick, you have to listen to me.
Patrick: On my shield, he will be here first thing tomorrow morning. We want nothing more than to prove his innocence.

It sounds so weird. That I was raped. Cause I was.


Law & Order: SVU Quotes

Cop: How are the parents?
Benson: Alive

Sara: Yeah, I definitely talked to him.
Benson: Okay well we spoke to him as well and he said that you two had consensual sex.
Sara: We did? Well, I don't remember that, or anything else for that matter. Okay, is that it?
Benson: No, there's one more thing. Sara, the lab results came back and it showed two separate semen samples.
Sara: Two samples. Are you saying two men raped me?